Retail Installation

Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience in retail installation world wide including Radio Shack, Home Depot, GNC, Zara, Forever 21, and we produce major event installations for our sponsor partners including 7 UP, Heineken, and Red Bull to name just a few...


We consider our selves the top of the industry in event planning, event production, audio visual installation, custom videography, custom sound tracks, special events, non profit fundraising, weddings, and much more.

Multi Media, PR and Marketing Campaings

Our artist include videographers, musicians, and more.  We are capable and love to produce customized sound tracks, commercials, Youtube videos and film.  Some of our  team members work in the higher ranks at Bay Films and are currently directing and producing the new Avatar Movies with James Cameron.

What is Qoterie?

Qoterie is a group of like minded industry leading vendors in the Marketing, Event Production, and Logistics community world wide.  Our team of industry leaders have worked together across many markets world wide and we execute our plans with cooperation and precision every time.  We are a one stop shop for projects that include a wide variety of needs.

Please contact us for a consultation

We move fast and effectively, our logistics team is here to execute any size campaign with swift precision.